Finalist of ART VISION MODERN International Video Mapping Competition 2018
We are presenting a Hyper status, just like you have been through a crazy day, you have got home but not able to sleep with all the excitement underneath your skin. When you closed your eyes, different colours, images, scenes and pictures are popping up inside your mind, where they all jumping and bumping around, and all in a sudden, all those ideas and inspirations are springing and twisting up. It was like heading into a stimulant world, where ideas kept running up and all those delusions and illusions are not allowing your mind to take a little break. Even you tried to pause for just a second, ending up it just went out of your control. Even if your body feels tired, you are mentally awaken. Being unable to rest, your pulses, heartbeats and all the cells are speeding up which made you so anxious and unsettling. The more you want to get rid of this status, the more it went out of your control, you just cannot stop it...
一顆葡萄有多甜美 用盡了所有的 圖騰和語言 描寫 想一個人有多想念 那又是文字失效瞬間結一個紀念的繩結 記錄你離去後 萬語和千言 瓦解 升起了慌張的狼煙 我遺落在最孤獨史前 的荒野
多遙遠 多糾結 多想念 多無法描寫 疼痛 和瘋癲 你都看不見 想穿越 想飛天 想變成 造字的倉頡 寫出 能讓你快回來 的詩篇
Grand Tsaritsyno Palace,
21~25 September. 2018
Raymond Nogueira
Motion Graphic & Animation
Raymond Nogueira
Kid Lei
Music & Sound Effect
Akitsugu Fukushima
Rampages Production ltd.