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projection / animation /  multimedia / design / art /  macau / projection / mapping art 3d animation design

永派 ,製作 投影 . 動畫 多媒體

multimedia , production,  Macau Macao Video,  Graphic studio house.

projection / animation / multimedia / design / art / macau / projection / mapping art 3d animation design

New Horizon - Japan 2023

プロジェクションマッピング・エキシビジョン – A Horizontal Line


We express our gratitude to COLORs CREATION for placing their trust in us, allowing us to participate in the Arts Maebashi 10th anniversary special program, ‘A New Horizontal Line.’ This remarkable Projection Mapping Showcase is set to take place in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.


BE@RBRICK Projection Mapping

3D Projection Mapping for Be@rbrick Store Macau

3D Projection Mapping for the BearBrick store in Galaxy Macau. 1000% White Be@rBrick / 3700 ansi Projector x 2 / Arena Resolume

mgm small cover

Christmas LED exterior wall picture design for MGM COTAI SPECTACLE.

@2020 MGM Cotai (Macau)

The 2020 Christmas exterior wall image designed for MGM COTAI SPECTACLE is themed with a nutcracker, THE SPECTACLE, MGM COTAI features the world’s largest area of permanent indoor LED screens, creatively staged around the MGM Cotai atrium. It’s truly spectacular - 25 LED walls capable of displaying…



Mapping Show of IndonesiaBertutur 2022, Indonesia

Create a 5-minute projection mapping performance for Borobudur, inspired by Indonesian traditional culture. The performance will showcase the rich heritage of ancient spirituality, knowledge, and national identity symbols. Through a vibrant world of light and shadow, the projection will illuminate…

burj khalifa dubai

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Exterior Light Show@2021

Four sets of designs for the 2021 Burj Khalifa exterior light show in Dubai. The themes are Aqua / Umber Dream / Phoenix Light / Night Journey / respectively. The 4 groups of works will be screened irregularly at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai at 8 o’clock every night in 2021.

projection mapping macao light festival

The Time of Joy

Macao Light Festival 2019 – Explore the Light

Rampages was commissioned by Macau Government Tourist Office to participate “Macao Light Festival 2019 - Explore the Light”. We are excited for the opportunity to create a fantastic projection mapping on the Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral, which is the landmark of Macao. The theme of the event is…

puerto99 Meshico Dubai Table mapping projection


Table Projection Mapping Project for MESHICO Group, Dubai.

Rampages was commissioned by Meshico Group in Dubai to do the table mapping projection for their two restaurants, which are Mexican fine dining restaurants. Our client wanted to provide a special and pleasurable dining experience to their customers. The projection design perfectly matched the…

projection mapping dance performance TDSM


Multimedia Dance Theatre Project

“PONTO E PONTO” was a dance performance designed by TDSM and Rampages. The combination of dance and light projection “PONTO E PONTO” used The Conception and Development of the Embryo as main source, tried to start a discovery of the life trajectory by buddhist meditation. The theory of the…

projection mapping romania lightup Iași Palatul


LightUp International Video Mapping Festival 2019

Rampages produced an unique 3D mapping video “Pursue” for 2019 Romania LightUp Festival, which theme was “The Future Is Now”. Utilizing the impaction of colour, future imagination and rock music rhythm, we created a futuristic world full of advance visual. To present a process of pursuit and…

Circle of light projection mapping Moscow


Finalist of ART VISION MODERN International Video Mapping Competition 2018

The project “Stimulant” was for Circle of light 2018. It was a creation inspired the designer’s own insomnia and his erratic thoughts during his sleepless night. Ideas spring and twisted up in every way, and the vision created was heading into a stimulant world, which manifest into an abstract…

projection mapping kuze fest Santiago Chile


Festival de Luz de Santiago Internation Mapping Competition

We created a 3D projection mapping video “Flower Of Life” for KÜZE Festival de Luz de Santiago 2017, which the concept is derived “From None To All”. The idea is based on ancient Chinese “Wu Xing” philosophy, the Five Elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. According to the theory, the Five…

Projection mapping graffitti macau


@MA-QUETTE /Macau Taipa

Rampages are delighted to present a projection on a wall painting for a Macao restaurant. The fusion of the wall painting and the modern technology, gave the graffiti on the wall a fresh new look. The subtle use of colour palette and the contrast of light, the painting came to life with layers and…


Logo Motion for Macau Design Center

Tailor-made logo motion for Macau Design Center. The Macau Design Center was born to be the first platform that to promotes local cultural creative, to give Macau designers, design enterprises and design lovers the opportunity to exchange, promote, learn and cooperate. As MDC provided a wide range…

澳門 光影節 Macao Light Festival 2017



Rampages made multiple 3D projection mapping and street interactive installations for the Macao Light Festival 2017 – Amor which is located at St Lazarus Church and Calcada da Igreja de S. Lazar°   We simply felt in love with the history and story of the place during our initial research. The…

にいがた MINATOPIKA projection mapping japan Niigata


にいがた☆MINATOPIKA 2016 Internation Mapping Competition

It was our pleasure to participate in Japanese Minatopika, an one minute projection mapping competition in 2016. Our project “Yu-Huo” was shown on Minatopika and we are delighted to be the 16 finalist of the event. The dragon in the design represented Rampages design team. Dragon passed through…

岡崎 ときあかり Japan Kyoto Projection Mapping


岡崎ときあかり annex2017

Rampages was grateful to join International Mapping Competition in Kyoto 2017, after Okazaki Tokiakari Kyoto Art Festival in 2016. We are delighted to receive the Grand Prize of the competition. Our production “MIXMAX” was based on Japanese traditional style to design. We used traditional pattern…

projection mapping 岡崎ときあかりアワード 2016 Japan sakari



Rampages produced “Sakari” for International Mapping Competition in Kyoto “Okazaki Tokiakari Kyoto Art Festival 2016”. We are delighted to receive the Grand Prize during the competition. The design concept was based on the ancient history of Okazaki and the vision of the discovery of its futuristic…

にいがた MINATOPIKA projection mapping Japan


にいがた☆MINATOPIKA 2015 Internation Mapping Competition

Rampages produced “INTERSECTED PARALLELITY” for MINATOPIKA 2015, Japan. It was a story about a human that became a cat in a parallel universe. The cat had an amazing adventure in the parallel space and witness this unique world through the cat’s eyes.

Nam Van Anim' Arte 南灣 雅文湖畔


Nam Van – Anim’ Arte

Our animation commercial project for Macau Tourism Bureau the “Anim’Arte NAM VAN", by using 3D animation to re-built the mascot character Black-faced Spoonbill “Mak Mak” and combine with real video shots to express the energetic atmosphere of Anim’Arte. With the lively flying cinematography shots…

projection art animation design multimedia macau

macau Rampages Production multimedia business, Projection mapping animation videography graphic design 3d, professional distinctive services,animation

macau 永派製作有限公司,視覺設計創作, 光雕投影 動畫 多媒體製作 攝像 平面設計 animation 專業服務 構思 策劃 創作 設計 三維動畫, 後期製作 projection 專業意見 新媒體領域 art design 建築物投影 舞台 餐桌投影 劇場 投影秀。

LightUp Festival , Circle of Light Festival, Kyiv festival , KUZEFEST

Building Projection multimedia/ 3D投影
Interactive Projection / 互動投影
3DMapping show / 各式光雕投影秀
Visual Effects  /  視覺特效
macau Post-Production  /  後期製作 /Video Production  /  影片製作
Motion Graphics / 動態圖像 / 2D Animation / 平面動畫 /3D Animation / 立體動畫 / Composting / 合成 /Modeling / 建模 / Branding / 品牌設計 / Visual Identity / 視覺識別 / Publication / 出版物

projection animation multimedia design art macau

Rampages Production animation art design was founded in 2015. Specializing in the production of 3D projection mapping, animation, video capture and graphic design. Our team has collaborated with many clients both from domestic and projection multimedia overseas, including Taiwan, China and Dubai. We are always committed to provide clients macau with top quality design and services.

Our design team has extensive experience in 3D projection mapping for architectures, stages and events. Rampages has participated in many competitions. We are the winner of LightUp International Video Mapping Festival art design macau 2019, Best 3D Animation Awards in the KÜZE Festival de Luz de Santiago 2017 and we also received Grand Prize for Okazaki Tokiakari Kyoto Art Festival in 2016.

We always enjoy tackling new challenges and innovations, animation and we believe our creativity, passion and professionalism will be invaluable to your next project



multimedia 致力於視覺設計創作,業務範疇包括光雕投影、動畫多媒體製作、攝影錄像以及平面設計等。art design 我們為來自 macau 不同領域客戶提供具切合性的專業服務,從構思、策劃、創作、設計、projection 三維動畫到後期製作等,在不同時期為客戶提供專業建議,並度身訂造最適合的設計方案。

multimedia 現階段公司主力以光雕投影及其他新媒體領域方向發展,主要服務項目聚焦在新技術及創作上,提供各種類型的大型LED動畫及光雕投影設計創作等服務,其中包括建築物外牆投影、舞台投影、餐桌投影、projection 劇場投影  macau 等光雕設計投影秀。

animation 我們的客戶除了本澳團體、社會機構及博企外,更擁有遍佈中國、台灣、中東等地區的客源。此外,我們曾參與多個國外著名的光影藝術創作項目, macau 並獲得多個獎項。projection 如2019年於羅馬尼亞舉行的「LightUp Festival」,2018年於莫斯科舉行的「Circle of Light Festival」, art design 2018年於烏克蘭舉行的「Kyiv光影節」,2017年於智利舉行的「KUZEFEST 2017」光影節,2016年及2017年於 animation 日本京都舉行的「岡崎ときあかりアワード」multimedia 光影節等,多項創作均獲得不俗的成績。

macau 我們相信我們的專業的設計技術 art design 與對創意的熱情,

projection 不斷接受挑戰的魄力與學習信念,

能為你的事業multimedia 開拓出更廣闊的創意之路。


  • 2019- SUMONAR video mapping festival, Yogyakarta
  • 2019 – LightUp Festival Palas Iasi, Romania (First Prize award)
  • 2018 – Festival Circle of Light , Moscow
  • 2018 – 1minute projection mapping in Huis Ten Bosch, Japan.
  • 2018 – Kyiv Lights Festival , Ukraine
  • 2017 – KÜZE Festival de Luz de Santiago , Chile. (Best 3D Animation award)
  • 2017 – Macao Light Festival 2017 , Macao
  • 2017 – 岡崎ときあかりannex 2017, Japan. (First Prize award)
  • 2016 – 岡崎ときあかりアワード, Japan. (First Prize award)
  • 2016 – にいがた☆MINATOPIKA 2016, Japan.

  • 2019 – 作品《 PURSUE 》於羅馬尼亞「LightUp Festival」光雕投影節獲得冠軍
  • 2018 – 作品《 STIMULANT》於莫斯科「 Circle o f Light Festival 2018 」光雕投影節入圍作品
  • 2018 – 作品《Impression》於日本長崎「 1 minute projection mapping 」光雕投影比賽十 強作品
  • 2018 – 作品《 DISCOVER》於烏克蘭「 Poshtova Square, Kyiv Lights Festival 」光雕投影比賽入選作品
  • 2017 – 作品《 Flower of Life》於智利 「 KÜZE Festival de Luzde Stgo」投影節獲得 “最佳3D動畫獎 “
  • 2017 – 作品《MIXMAX 》於日本京都 「岡崎ときあかりannex 2017 」光雕投影比賽獲得 “ 最優秀大獎 ”
  • 2016 – 作品《 SAKA RI》於日本京都 「 2016 岡崎ときあかりアワード」光雕投影比賽獲得“ 最優秀大獎 ”
  • 2016 – 作品《游方》於日本新潟 「にいがた☆MINATOPIKA 2016 」光雕投影比賽入選十強作